Patient priorities in e-health

  • Presentation of the results of patients’ and citizens’ survey on e-health conducted within the project „Together for Health”.
  • Indication of patients’ priorities.
  • The discussion shall focus on:
    • how the conducted projects and e-health solutions in order to meet the patients’ needs,
    • how to include into common use solutions, created by start-ups and widely accepted by patients,
    • introduction of mechanisms supporting the use of e-health solutions in healthcare institutions and patients’ daily lives.

Ewa Borek – President of Foundation MY Pacjenci (WE Patients)

Presentation: The results of patients’ and citizens' survey on e-health (PL)

Michał Bedlicki – Deputy Director of Centre for Quality Assessment in Healthcare (CMJ)

Joanna Parkitna – Director in Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Tariff System (AOTMiT)