Vedran Boškić

Business Development Director, PARSEK

Vedran Boškić is Business Development Director at PARSEK d.o.o. from Ljubljana, Slovenia. With Master degree in telecommunication engineering, Vedran spent several years in telecommunication industry but opportunity to actively enroll in healthcare ICT very soon become his main focus in professional career.

As CIO in 1200 beds university hospital, Vedran successfully realized analog to digital transformation of all hospitals complex business process, which were also successfully aligned with national eHealth projects, where Vedran participated in project definition and realization phase. In PARSEK d.o.o. Vedran established strong healthcare competences which resulted with first healthcare ICT product in this company which was very soon recognized on international market.

Interoperability is main ground stone of all Vedran’s activities and this is why Vedran initiated IHE Adria foundation with clear commitment to introduce internationally standardized interoperable framework in eastern European countries. In last several years Vedran delivered many presentations about interoperability benefits and is continuing with dissemination of this subject.

Vedran has also successfully delivered several EU financed interregional projects where IHE profiles were essential elements.