Ryszard Mężyk

Member of Supervisory Committee Center for Healthcare Information Systems (CSIOZ)

Graduate from Warsaw School of Economics direction of data processing organization.

He started his professional career in 1971. as a programmer and then an IT systems designer in truck factory. In the years 1978-1992 the manager of the Design and Programming Laboratory of the IT Center at the University of Technology in Kielce. In 1989r. honored with the S.Staszic prize of the Fund of Science and Culture for outstanding achievements in the development and dissemination of IT culture. In the years 1992 – 2012 Head of IT Department at the Świętokrzyskie Center of Oncology in Kielce.

He received the title of IT Leader 2006 in the category of public utility organizations for the Center of Oncology. Finalist and special prize in the CIO 2006 competition. Participation in the IT regional  project “e-Świętokrzyskie”. Project Manager “e-Health in Świętokrzyskie voivodship, development and implementation of IT systems in health care units”.  Finalist of the IT Leader Competition 2013.

He cooperates with the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the International Association of Cancer Registries and the European Network of Cancer Registries. He participates in international research projects in the field of cancer epidemiology. Leader of competition OSOZ 2007 in the category of international cooperation for health.

Treasurer of the Polish Society of Telemedicine and Health, member of the board of the “eHealth” section of the Polish Information Society, member of HIMSS Europe.