Harald Wenger

Managing director (President) of soffico GmbH

Originally Harald Wenger started his career in electrical engineering. Even back then, he concerned himself with the key words “integration” and “networking”, but rather in context of connecting machines to IT-Systems.

In 1999, a big change in Wengers career took place. Since the Internet became a part of everyday life, the electrical engineer saw new opportunities coming up. So he took the step off electrical engineering into IT business. In the Wistec GmbH Wenger switched from mechanical engineering to programming of middlewares. Therefore Harald Wenger built a team of consultants and maintained many projects abroad. Within this time, he also found his passion for travelling. When the dot-com bubble burst around the turn of the century, Harald Wenger had to make a far-reaching decision, either to take a trip around the globe or to become the managing director of the TISCON AG (former Wistec GmbH). As he decided to do the latter, Wenger transferred his team, customers and projects into the F-NET group. Henceforward Wenger and his staff began to develop software solutions, to connect people and things.

After the successful market introduction of the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) “Orchestra” in 2007, Wenger established a company for the development of a networking software within the F-NET group – the soffico GmbH. This was in 2012. Four years later, the soffico GmbH became part of the x-tention group, in order to establish “Orchestra” even more in the healthcare sector. The ESB “Orchestra” is the first choice in the economic sector of healthcare and manufacturing. Especially in eHealth and industry 4.0, Harald Wenger sees the future of soffico software solutions.